AAP Motorsport Launches E-License Application on New Website

Innovation continues to drive the Motorsports Department of the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) as it launches its new website and online licensing. Race car drivers, organizers, motor sport enthusiasts and all those who are interested can now find all the information they need including the latest news and announcements through the department’s newest digital platform.

Applying for a motor sport license is now also made easier through the AAP Motorsport’s E-License Application. The AAP Motorsport E-License is for participants based and competing in the Philippines who are availing of Clubman-grade licenses to participate in autocross, circuit racing, drag racing, rallycross, slalom, hillclimb and digital motorsport. 

Applicants should take note that only one E-License per person per discipline is allowed to be issued. However, one person can hold E-Licenses for multiple disciplines. The E-License is only valid for the calendar year it is issued on.

How to Apply for a Motorsports E-License:

  • Log on to the AAP Motorsport website http://motorsports.aap.org.ph/
  • Click on Licensing on the navigation menu and choose Clubman License
  • A clear description of the Clubman License as well as the procedure and requirements to obtain the license are listed out on the page.
  • Fill out the Motorsport E-License Application Form including the Medical Self-Declaration Checklist.
    Upload image-type files (jpg, gif or png) or pdf format of the following requirements:
  • clear scanned copy of valid Philippine driver’s license
  • clear scanned colored ID photo 
  • proof of payment for E-License (screenshot of transfer or scanned copy of deposit slip)

If the applicant is 17 years old and below, an accomplished Parental Consent Form is required. The form can be found on the Clubman License page.

If the applicant is 45 years old and above, a Medical Certificate from the AAP Medical Officer or any licensed physician certifying that the applicant is fit to participate in a motorsport event is required. The form for the Medical Certificate is on the Clubman License page as well.

Before processing the application, E-License applicants must contact the race organizer to know the license grade required to participate in their chosen category. Meanwhile, applicants may contact the AAP Motor Sport Department when applying for a national-grade or international-grade competition license. 

E-License application cut-off is every Tuesday at 5pm. Applications submitted before the cutoff will be processed for release on Thursday of the same week. Meanwhile, applications received after the cut-off will be released on the following week. 

Application process for National- and International-grade licenses are unchanged. The process can also be seen in the new AAP Motorsport website. Just log on to the AAP Motorsport website, then click on Licensing on the navigation menu and choose National/International License

AAP is the sole national sporting authority affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body of all four-wheel motor sport worldwide. AAP sanctions all sporting events of the different disciplines under its affiliated clubs and issues licenses to race drivers endorsed by affiliated organizers. 

To know more, check out the AAP Motorsports website at http://motorsports.aap.org.ph/ 

For other concerns and inquiries, please contact the AAP Motorsports Department at 8705-3333 or via email at aapmotorsports@yahoo.com.

You can also follow @aapmotorsports on Facebook to get the latest news and announcements. 

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