AAP Motorsports Resumes Sanctioning of Philippine Motorsport Events

In light of the positive outlook of the Philippines against the Covid-19 pandemic in recent weeks, the Automobile Association Philippines Motor Sports Department (AAP Motorsports) has announced its willingness to sanction motorsport events in the country for the remainder of calendar year 2021.

According to the letter sent to the country’s motorsport clubs and organizers, AAP Motorsports is convinced that the decline of the pandemic will continue given increasing amount of vaccinations and safety protocols regularly practiced by all citizens, and that it may already be an opportune time to hold motorsport events moving forward.

AAP Motorsports has released updated guidelines for sanctioning of motor sport events. Based on updated direction from the Philippine government’s IATF allowing “non-contact sports in outdoor” in GCQ areas, it will accept applications for, and sanction, motor sport events in GCQ- and MGCQ-classified venues.

The letter signed by Mr. Armando Eduque, AAP Motorsport Committee Chairman, also notes that “all events sanctioned by AAP in GCQ and MGCQ venues must observe IATF mandated safety protocols, including the wearing of face masks and shields, social distancing, reduced spectator capacity, etc.” AAP Motorsports has earlier prepared its “Return to Motorsport” guidelines for reference of motorsports organizers, which can be viewed here.

It also urges organizers to start proposing their calendar of events and to inform their stakeholders  that motorsport activities can now resume. Organizers should also advise their participants to schedule with the AAP Motorsports office to secure their AAP Competition Licenses for 2021.

The intention to revive all motor sport disciplines from hibernation has been stated to the organizers in an online meeting held early March 2021. However, the post-Lenten spike in Covid cases prevented AAP Motorsports from fully resuming motor sport activities as hoped. Regardless, with this letter, AAP Motorsports hopes that the Philippine motor sport industry is revived and be open for business once again. 

For more information and guidance on these matters, AAP Motorsports can be contacted here.

About AAP Motorsport
The Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) is the national sports association for four-wheeled motor racing in the country. AAP sanctions all sporting events on its recognized Disciplines, under its affiliated clubs and organizers. AAP is the sole Philippine affiliate of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and is recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC). AAP’s sporting and governance functions are managed by its Motor Sports Department (AAP Motorsports)

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  1. Fantastic! It might be hard to work with the facemask BUT it’s a definite start. I hope to get back to the track soon.

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