The Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) is the national sports association for four-wheeled motor racing in the country. The promotion and regulation of motorsports in the country is one of the primary responsibilities of AAP.

AAP sanctions all sporting events on its recognized Disciplines, under its affiliated clubs and organizers.

AAP is recognized by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) which governs world championships such as Formula One, World Rally Championship, and Formula-Electric. The FIA is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) following many of its sporting values and advocacies, thus making AAP also locally recognized under the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).



To have safe, fair, accessible and affordable motorsport in the Philippines.


To foster a growing national motorsports community, relevant to sport and society, while giving the opportunity for every motorsport individual to succeed in the national and world stages.


Organizational Chart

Jose Armando L. Eduque
Trustee, AAP
Chairman, Motorsports Committee, AAP

Mark Anthony F. Desales
Chief Operating Officer, AAP
Adviser to the Motorsports Committee

Mariano Ernesto Dy-Liacco
Consultant to the Motorsports Committee

Francis Ivan A. Isada
Motorsports Manager, AAP Motorsport

M. Jahangir B. Kalam
Motorsports Assistant, AAP Motorsport