AAP Motorsports Resumes Sanctioning of Philippine Motorsport Events

In light of the positive outlook of the Philippines against the Covid-19 pandemic in recent weeks, the Automobile Association Philippines Motor Sports Department (AAP Motorsports) has announced its willingness to sanction motorsport events in the country for the remainder of calendar year 2021. According to the letter sent to the country’s motorsport clubs and organizers, […]

AAP Motorsport Launches E-License Application on New Website

Innovation continues to drive the Motorsports Department of the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) as it launches its new website and online licensing. Race car drivers, organizers, motor sport enthusiasts and all those who are interested can now find all the information they need including the latest news and announcements through the department’s newest digital platform. […]

AAP Motorsports Site Launch

QUEZON CITY – In its drive to be more accessible to the Philippine motorsport community, the Automobile Association Philippines’ Motor Sports Department (AAP Motorsports) has relaunched its website today, April 12, 2021. The portal will be the venue where official communiques of AAP Motorsport will be posted, as well as contain information about its services […]

Motor Sport in the Time of COVID-19

  Motor Sport in the Time of Covid-19by Armando L. EduqueAAP Trustee and Chairman, AAP Motor Sport Committee In September 2019, rumors began to circulate about a viral outbreak in China. In the ensuing three months, the rumors became reality. Wuhan was identified as the source of a new virus, named Covid-19, which then began […]

Advisory for National and International Competition License Applicants

All AAP Competition License Applicants for National and International Licenses, new or renewal, need to set an appointment before proceeding to the AAP Tower. Application slots are available for Wednesdays, 2:00 to 4:00 PM, for licensing, medical exam, and other documentation. For scheduling and more information, please contact AAP Motorsports at http://facebook.com/aapmotorsports , email at […]

Return to Motor Sports Guidelines

QUEZON CITY – In light of the recent pandemic situation, the Automobile Association Philippines’ Motor Sports Department (AAP Motorsports) saw the need to develop new protocols for the current pandemic situation. Entitled “Return to Motor Sports”, the information package was developed in coordination with AAP’s member motorsport clubs and race organizers. This serves as a […]