Competition License

Securing an AAP Competition License determines your competence to participate in AAP-sanctioned motorsport events. It also ensures that you are physically fit and healthy enough to compete. Being an AAP-licensed driver also allows you to seek AAP’s help in sporting protests and disputes.

AAP issues three tiers of Competition License: Clubman, National and International. AAP Competition Licenses are required for all AAP-sanctioned motorsport events.

An AAP Competition License is issued per discipline. If you are participating in various disciplines you will need a License for each.

NOTE: Bearing the AAP Competition License is a privilege that a racer holds wherein he/she is expected to uphold sportsmanship and decorum at all times.

Don’t know which license is required for the event you are participating in? Consult your organizer or contact us.

For Philippine International Driving Permit, please check out this page for more information.

Clubman License

Intended for new and novice competitors, the Clubman License is the gateway to grassroots and amateur motorsport events. Issued in a digital format.

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National and International Licenses

For drivers and entrants competing in motorsport events considered a National Series, as well as those competing in motorsport events abroad, these Licenses are required. Applicants are required to have a level of competence in motorsport, determined by amount of experience and/or specialized training, and vouched for by the organizer or competent training center. Issued as a hard copy ID card.

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