Official’s Training

Issuance of Competition License

An AAP Competition License is required to participate in AAP-sanctioned motorsport events.

To apply for an AAP Competition License, please click here for more information.

Motorsport Development Program (MSDP)

The AAP-Motorsports Development Program is a grassroots training platform designed specifically for young drivers who dream of entering the field of motorsports and become successful race car drivers. The Program aims to prepare driving enthusiasts, who are physically fit and who have the “champion attitude”, by honing their skills and talents and imbibing in them the discipline needed for motorsports.

For more information and updates on the MSDP, check out this link: Motorsport Development Program

Officials Training

AAP Motorsports conducts regular training programs to upgrade the skillset of event organizers and officials of Philippine motorsport. This will assure every Filipino competitor the same high level and standard of officiating as in the highest strata of motor sports worldwide.

Event Sanctioning and Organizing

AAP Motorsports sanctions motorsport events in the following disciplines: Circuit Racing, Digital Motorsport, Drifting, Gymkhana, Karting, Slalom, Rally, Rallycross, Off-Road/4×4.

We also organize, or delegate authority to organize, motorsport events deemed National Series.

Race Track Certification

AAP Motorsports certifies permanent and temporary road courses for their safety, upkeep and the appropriate grade for local and international level events.


We provide stewards to AAP-sanctioned motorsport events to ensure fairness in competition. Our pool of stewards have decades of experience in motorsport and are unimpeachable in their record of impartiality.

Adjudication Tribunal

In case of sporting protests and other similar disputes lodged by an aggrieved party, AAP convenes the Motorsport Adjudication Tribunal. This is a formal venue where protests can be tried and resolved for the continued harmony of motorsport events.

Certification on Fuel Economy, Durability and other Tests

AAP is a known authority in certifying fuel economy runs and other tests undertaken by motoring companies to promote the economy, durability and other salient features of their products. AAP Motorsports is the department that manages this activity.

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