AAP Digital Motorsport Events start in July

The AAP Motor Sport Department will launch its digital motor sport events for 2021 this month with three main programs.

Two seasons will have 4 rounds of competitions succeeding last year’s AAP Digital Rally Trophy that was part of the FIA Digital Motorsport ASN Support. The first season starting in July will once again be open to newcomers and enthusiasts who have the Dirt Rally 2.0 game in PC or in a PS4 console with good internet connection. This year’s first season succeeds last year’s mix of Philippine rally history and modern sim racing featuring the modern front-wheel drive R2 class that represents the 1997-2003 series of Philippine Rallying.

In the third and fourth quarter of 2021, AAP Motor Sport will feature the First National Championship for the newest discipline—digital motor sport. The National Championship will feature the best e-rally drivers with the mental focus and precision driving who can match or even surpass the mental capabilities of Filipino rally drivers. With sim racing being presented in the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympics, it is about time that AAP matches it with a national event.

“After last year’s trial of esports, and following the FIA #RaceAtHome campaign, AAP decided to start its own program of motor sport at home. Esports, or organized, multiplayer video game competitions, has already been accepted as a new motor sport discipline. Esports attract new enthusiasts into the world of motor sport as well as those already active in it, to enjoy the competition and camaraderie of the sport,” says AAP Motor Sport Manager Ivan Isada.

AAP’s third program is actually a FIA worldwide program featuring the FIA Rally Star. Using the WRC 9 game, young rally hopefuls ages 17-27 can vie for the monthly challenge by downloading the FIA Rally Star DLC. Top winners will be selected for the continental finals and will have the chance to move up into an international rally program if they get through. The winners will join an international selection of WRC FIA Rally Star winners to create a possible pathway.

Esports is definitely here and is making a mark as a new path into motor sport. What’s great about this is that anyone is welcome to join and can actually compete with just a controller!

For inquiries, visit the AAP Motor Sport website page http://motorsports.aap.org.ph and look for the Digital Motorsports page under Development in the Main Menu for more information. You can also email aapmotorsports@yahoo.com.


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