2021 AAP Digital Rally Trophy 1st Round Trailer

The AAP Digital Rally Trophy is back! This time, to place tighter competition between novices and our past seasoned digital rally drivers, we will be using front wheel drive rally cars this season.

Coming from a successful 2020 Digital Rally Trophy event that honored the 1993 Philippine Rally season and Group A cars, this season highlights the Philippine Rally Championship’s 1997-2003 era of that focused on the front wheel drive rally cars. In 1997 the championship moved from the open 4WD turbo rally cars to less powerful front-wheel drive rally cars.

The Philippine Rally setting immediately refocused more in creating tighter competition between seasoned rally drivers and up-and-coming new rally drivers using closer spec rally cars. This featured a various list of rally cars along with the rise of multiple car manufacturers that embraced the formula of a front engined, 1600cc displacement FWD compact cars available in the Philippines. From the popular Honda Civic EGs, EKs, ES, and City, Toyota Corollas, Mitsubishi Lancers and GSRs, Ford Lynx, Nissan Sentra, and the most succesful in the country, the Mazda 323.

For this season’s digital rally trophy our digital rally drivers will be using the Front Wheel Drive R2 rallycars that features similar specs to the 1997-2003 season, still using the Dirt Rally 2.0 game, with PS4 or PC. Drivers will be able to choose rallycars such as the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 206, or Opel Adam. Later in the year will also feature stronger FWD cars, such as the Peugeuot 306, Seat Ibiza, or the VW Golf.

We’ll have 4 rounds of short sprint rallies highlighting four of the most popular rallies during that era. Nueva Ecija’s Pantabangan gravel stages, Tanay’s fast and sweeping and high speed rally roads, Subic’s original Philippine tarmac stages, and the break burner subdivision like stages with its dreaded conditions in Cavite’s Eagle Ridge and Saddle Club.

Last year’s season featured 3 winners over 4 events, with our first ever champion Lance Guballa. We’re sure its going to be an exciting and fun online event for our digital rally racers, and our online viewers.

Join the event or watch the action 1st round qualifying start on July 7 at 5pm, and live events for our top 21 drivers, 14 from PC and 7 from PS4 will go live at 6pm in AAP Motorsports Facebook Page and E-Dominado Rally Facebook page.

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